Drug and alcohol abuse is not something that can be overcome with just strength and willpower. Addiction is a crippling and miserable cycle to endure and there are many people that suffer from dependency on drugs and/or alcohol. At Better Rehabilitation Center in Elgin, there are highly qualified medical experts and addiction specialists that work diligently to help patients get clean with their recovery programs.

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Drug addiction is a physical and psychological disease caused by the misuse of drugs that leads to changes in normal brain function. Drugs and alcohol cause large releases of neurotransmitters in the brain that control the pleasure responses resulting in feelings of increased happiness, euphoria, and physical sensations of pleasure. When repeated enough this causes addiction by hijacking the pleasure-reward system of the brain. Some substances are more physically addictive than others, like heroin that can cause physical withdrawal symptoms after a few days of constant use, the longer it is used the greater the symptoms. Alcohol can cause similar dependence that requires medical supervision to detox. There is a general guideline for alcohol dependence of 3 or more drinks a day for 3 or more months straight, however it varies from person to person. One of the first signs of physical alcohol dependency is shaky hands during periods without alcohol, feeling lethargic and unmotivated, irritated or irrationally upset until the first sip of alcohol. Better Rehab Program Elgin has a unique and special Drug Rehabilitation Program, patients are monitored 24/7 and offered social and therapeutic support during the early days of detox and/or treatment. Programs are 28 days in length, 60 days and 90 days depending on the specific needs of patients.

Our Alcoholic Recovery Programs are structured treatments that help patients fight against cravings for alcohol and provides individualized support to achieve the goal of living a life free from alcohol abuse.

Better Rehabilitation Center in Elgin, IL has come a long way in treating alcoholism. With 10 years of study and documented results, it’s now well understood that drug and alcohol abuse, much like diabetes, requires specialized therapy, detox medication, rehab therapies, and behavior modification techniques. In order to become the greatest rehab program, Better Rehab Program Elgin uses individualized rehab programs. They are customized to each and every patient and address his or her specific requirements. Our Addiction Rehab Center in Illinois is the place to overcome the fight of substance dependency. Please contact (224)-856-3082 to speak to the recovery experts..


  • Making the choice to enter treatment was a life-changing experience. The counselors and staff truly care and went above and beyond for me and my family.

    Kevin Barnett


Call  (224)-856-3082 to speak to an expert.

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