Better Addiction Care: What to Look for in an Illinois Drug Rehab Center

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As more than 23 million Americans are struggling with addiction, there are plenty of resources for addiction care.

However, if you want better addiction care, you need to search for the rehab center that fits your needs and is catered to helping someone like you. Finding the perfect fit is essential to recovery no matter what your issue is.

Here are five things to look for when you’re seeking addiction treatment.

1. Location Matters

If you’re looking into rehabilitation treatment, traveling halfway across the country might not be feasible. While some of the best rehab programs might be a few hours away, if you need support from family and friends, you need to be nearby. Getting sober and staying sober depends on the quality of your network during and after treatment.

Finding a place that’s close by and has all of the amenities you need is a challenge but it’s necessary for a speedy recovery.

In order to recover comfortably, you need to be around things that are familiar. You need to be around people and places that will inspire you to be your best self.

For some people, getting far away might be necessary. If there are a lot of emotional triggers that are causing your addiction to become worse and you might need space from your friends and family. It will be harder to get back into the swing of things later, but it’s important to get better now.

If you’re in an urban environment, a place that’s in the suburbs might be a welcome getaway. If you live in a rural area, being in a city might just be the change of pace that you need to see your addiction in a new light.

A center located someplace like Elgin, IL is a perfect balance of the two.

2. Inpatient or Outpatient

The type of treatment you get will vary depending on whether you choose inpatient or outpatient therapy. Your addiction issues might dictate the type of treatment that you need.

If you’re having a mild relapse or you need to maintain your work schedule, outpatient treatment works around you. You’ll spend a few hours each day going to group therapy, checking in with a counselor, and talking about your struggle to stay sober. In some cases, you can stay overnight if you fear breaking your sobriety.

When you pay for inpatient care, you’re there for the long haul. If you’ve tried outpatient care before or if you’ve made some serious mistakes due to your addiction, inpatient care is right for you. Inpatient care is much more comprehensive and intense.

When you go through inpatient care, you’ll get access to a room, have your events planned for you and 24/7 access to staff. If you’re going to be going through withdrawal, there will be people on hand who can help you. Inpatient care is meant to handle serious addiction treatment and help you change your life.

3. Does It Offer Group or Individual Therapy?

Depending on the addiction care center that you choose, you might not have access to individual therapy. While this might be okay for some people, those suffering from intense addictions need to get special attention and personalized care.

Group therapy gives you the chance to talk to other people going through a similar issue. You can share your stories and listen to the stories of others. There is an opportunity to share ways that you’ve dealt with troubles that your fellow patients are going through.

Group therapy is an open conversation where voices can be heard and support can be lent from all across the facility. People with varying addictions will come forth with unique stories that you might not learn from if you were working on your own.

Individual therapy is essential to recovery, but not every facility offers this with every program that you choose.

Individual therapy gives you an hour to talk to an addiction specialist about what you’re going through and what you’re doing to cope. In this setting, you can talk freely, share your most intense emotions, and feel comfortable being vulnerable.

4. Do They Specialize in Your Addiction?

Every addiction treatment center has their own style and their own way of doing things. Depending on where you go, you might have specialists who are well versed in alcohol addiction with less expertise in opioids. For others, there could be a wide range of treatments that deal with behavior issues as well as drug addictions.

Whichever treatment center you choose, you need to pick one that works with your addiction. Every addiction has its nuances and particularities. Every addiction will have a set of behaviors that people will perform when they’re struggling.

The staff at your facility should know what to look for with your addiction. If they don’t, find a facility that understands you.

5. Look At Their Post-Rehab Plan

When people are struggling with addiction, there’s value to the phrase “one day at a time.” Managing sobriety is an everyday thing. That means that your treatment only begins at rehab.

Your treatment continues every day for the rest of your life.

It takes years to break the habits that have formed around your addiction. Every addiction needs to be managed and sobriety needs to be achieved through rigorous action.

Your ideal rehabilitation center should provide a plan of action to follow after rehab. Otherwise, you could fall into a relapse and end up needing treatment all over again.

Better Addiction Care Is Around the Corner

When you’re on the hunt for better addiction care, you have to approach your search with an open mind. You don’t always have time to wait. You need to find a center that will fit your needs but that is also available right away.

If you’re a family member or friend dealing with an addict who’s refusing treatment, check out our guide to helping them.

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