Drug Cravings: Things to Do When They Strike

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In drug rehab addiction programs, you will experience cravings usually multiple times a day at first. But no matter how many times you crave from substance, you need to remember to never give in.

It is Normal to Crave

Cravings can make you feel helpless. You might be tempted to beat yourself up or feel ashamed or guilty because of your drug cravings, but you don’t have to. Just simply accept that you have cravings. Accepting it will make you better at handling and resisting them in a logical way instead of giving up in defeat.


When you’re experiencing cravings for drugs, you can resist them through exercise like jogging, dancing, skating, and biking. As you move your body and do something productive, you can put your mind to something else and avoid cravings.

Change the Scenery

If you can’t get away from cravings, try a change of scenery since that can go a long way in helping you fight the cravings. Don’t just sit and wait for the cravings to pass, instead get up and go to your backyard garden, friend’s house, or a mall.

Call Your Therapist

Whether you’re just starting your drug rehab addiction programs recovery or have been at it a long time, you should always stay in touch with a professional who understands you and understands addiction’s power.

Lean on Friends

You can always call a trusted and sober friend, neighbor, or family member to distract you during a craving. You can go to museums, concerts, or coffee shop. Spending time out with your friends can stop you from thinking about your urges and it’ll remind you to enjoy your clean and sober life.


When craving strikes, your mind becomes obsessed with the need to use drug. Meditation can help restore your peace, calm, and resistance.

Remember the Reason Why You Don’t Use

At the peak moment of your craving, you stop thinking about why you gave up drugs. That is why it is important to write a list of your reasons before craving strikes. You could include reasons such as living for your children, keeping your job, and staying healthy. Remembering the reasons why you don’t take can be a powerful way to resist cravings.

Find a Hobby

Take up painting, join a bowling team, or learn to carve. A hobby can save your life because you can pick up your tools when you feel a craving, and start to distract yourself with an activity that fulfills you. In some drug rehab treatment center, they provide holistic therapies that are very effective in the addiction recovery such as music and art therapy, equine therapy, yoga and among others.

Help Someone Else

During cravings, you can focus your energy and attention on helping others. You can visit a nursing home or volunteer at an animal shelter, or find another volunteer position that can serve as an outlet for your energy and a distraction from using.

Go to a Support Group

You can always attend 12-step meetings or visit an AA or NA chat room to surround yourself with people who will encourage you to stay clean. They are very helpful in maintaining sobriety and also a safe place to support and discuss some challenges in addiction recovery.

Escape Into a Movie or a Book

You can watch drug addiction recovery movies or read a book. From comedy to mystery, a movie or book can distract you from your cravings. You can also watch drug-free movies and books on how to help you stay sober.

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